Vacationing Affordably And Worry Free In Italy

Rotate-15Traveling to Italy is a must do for anyone who loves history, art, fine food and culture. From the ruins of Ancient Rome to the medieval hill towns in the Tuscany region, to the Italian Alps, Italy offers so much for travelers to see and do. Unfortunately, the high cost of travel prevents many people form exploring this beautiful country and all it has to offer. So how can people visit and explore Italy without worrying about spending too much, or ending up missing out? Well, here are a few tips to help folks find a worry free and economic trip of a life time to Italy.

Go in the off season. Seriously. In every place that caters to tourists, the prices go up during the summer months. This doesn’t mean that you have to go in the dead of winter, but timing your trip for late spring or early fall will save you money and let you escape the crowds. You’ll find discounted airfares, hotels, car rentals, shows, food, guided tours, and the works, just by going a few weeks earlier or later than the main crowd.

If you like vacationing alone or with just a few travel friends, then I highly recommend Rick Steve’s book Europe Through the Back Door. In it, he details how to travel safely and well in Europe while on a budget. There are sections on specific regions of Italy, all researched by him, as well as travel safety tips and scams to avoid, as well. His travel book is widely available through most book stores with yearly updates, and his show of the same name is aired on most PBS stations.

Tour groups are another worry free way to have a vacation in Italy and if you go in the off season. They aren’t just more affordable, they’re an almost impossible value to pass up. Tour groups include lodging, most if not all meals, transportation, and guided tours of places of interest. Things to look for in a tour group include a flexible itinerary to allow for time for getting out and exploring, and a good refund policy if you have to cancel or change your plans.


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